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I understand that 2 EWAY bills have to be generated in cases where the good re sold to one person, but delivered to another person, from another state. Now, I am buying goods from a supplier in Surat and selling it to my client in Kolkata. So, here a EWAY bill will be generated by my supplier with the ' BILL TO ' field having my details and the ' SHIP TO ' field having the details of my client at Kolkata.

But, what if I don't want my supplier to be aware of my client in Kolkata? As a middle man, i feel that the details of my client in Kolkata needn't and should'nt be known to my supplier in Surat. How can this be managed? Please help. Thanks.

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watch_later 30/04/18

There is no option for this.

Even though E-way bill can be created by you also. Under Bill To Ship To supplies, either first seller or second seller can create E-way bill.

So you can also generate E-way bill.

But again, in tax invoice your seller has to mention Billing address and Shipping address. If your buyer checks this invoice then he will come to know about ultimate seller.

I understand this is very risky since your buyer can directly contact to your Surat seller for next time.

You can do one thing, instead of your seller generating E-way bill, you generate E-way bill.


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