watch_later 01/02/18

dear Sir,

My accountant made a mistake in Nov Gstr- 3B, and my advisor filed it . It was not his fault although his system was infected by virus. he solved it although one bill book no got misplaced in his sheet and vakil filed it. so plz advice can I rectify my Nov 3b, and get my bill file again. and secondly where should I start my sale book of Dec 3b , since days are passing by I m confused.

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watch_later 01/02/18

If you missed any invoice in GSTR-3B in any month, you can show it in next month GSTR-3B.

For example if you missed a bill of value 10,000 in november month, then show this invoice in month of December GSTR-3B.

You can start from the continuous series, if error is because of one invoice you can put A against that invoice. Communciate same to your local assessing officer.


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