watch_later 23/01/18

Respected sir,

I am having one doubt on e-way bill creation, If billing and delivery address is  different means how to create e-way bill for this issue, and company having own vehicle means how to create and enter transporter details in e-way bill?

Kindly please clarify this issue  

Thanking you

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watch_later 23/01/18

In case billing and shipping address are different due to third party sale, then you have to issue E-way bill for billing address and your buyer will generate another E-way bill from his place to third party (shipping address).

watch_later 23/01/18

Thank you sir,

one more doubt from your answer, if i deliver the goods by my own company vehicle, the buyer will generate the e-way bill means , how can i do?

and its is possible for practical thing?


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