watch_later 04/07/23


We've purchased subscription to verify unlimited bulk GSTIN numbers, however we could only verify 500 numbers in batches and that too didn't work after verifying 1500 GSTIN. 

Our subscription ends tomorrow and we've to verify more than 10,000 GSTIN numbers 

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watch_later 04/07/23

I have a subscription and use the gst bulk verification tool. It is working fine on my end.

Sometimes issues do come, please check below points which I faced:

  1. Check if special character is pasted in file. Use paste special function to paste numbers.
  2. Sometime GSTN server go down, and in that case report is not generated.
  3. Upload in a batch of 500 or 1000 as sometime mailbox do reject mails.
  4. Check spam folder.

For me 90% time system works fine and face issue sometime.


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