watch_later 19/06/18

This month the GST procedures have changed. We are now filing GSRT1 for the previous month first (i.e 10th of this month) and then doing GSTR3B (i.e 20th). 

But as per GST returns initially GSTR3 can be done only for the bills accepted in GSTR1 and bills that reflect in GSTR2.  

Since not many of our suppliers have put the GSTR2A, can we put the GSTR3B from our calculations or have to take the ITC of bills from GSTR2A only?


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watch_later 19/06/18

As of now GSTR-2 is not being filed. So, returns itself are not completely available.

Tax payer can amend details of GSTR-2A in case GSTR-1 is not properly filed. So if tax payer does not have power to add left invoices, the best option available is to claim input tax as per available invoices.

You can take input credit based on invoices as per my opinion.


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