watch_later 04/11/17

Dear Sir,

Some of my suppliers have not filed GSTR 1 for  July 2017 till now. Hence, their supply to us is not  reflected in our GSTR 2.

Now, shall I  file  Missing invoice details for those invoices in my GSTR 2  for July 17 ?

Will my  missing invoice details reflect  in their  GSTR 1A, since, those suppliers have not filed their GSTR 1 till now ?

Else, what should  I do to get those invoices included in my GSTR 2 and subsequently avail the input tax credit in the GSTR 3 for the month of  July 17 ?

Please advice. 

Thank You.

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watch_later 04/11/17

If you supplier has not filed GSTR-1, you need to show those invoices in your GSTR-2.

Once you show invoices in your GSTR-2, it will reflect in their GSTR-1.

They need to accept those invoices. Since you are ahead of them, not including those invoices in your GSTR-2 will result to low input credit in your GSTR-3.

GSTR-1A if not accepted within given time, automatically accepts the invoices.


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