watch_later 18/04/18

I do software freelancing and receive money from outside India in my PayPal account and I have already provided my PAN number there in my PayPal account.

I don't have a GSTN number, so can I receive money without GSTN ? Amount of money I receive is yearly below 1lakh INR.


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watch_later 19/04/18

You do not require GST number to receive money through Paypal. Though Paypal charges GST on it's fee and talks about GST.

What is confusing people is that Paypal talking about GST on its site. Paypal should have a clear faqs regarding this.

To make it clear, you do not require GST registration to receive money through Paypal. You only need GST registration if you want to take input credit of GST charged by Paypal on its fee.


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