watch_later 27/08/17

Few raw materials are procured from online portals. The sellers are Registered Dealers and they issue invoice for the same. However as the portal is B2C, there is no provision to enter the buyer GSTIN.

In this case, can i claim ITC for the purchases?. If no, then should i declare such purchases in GSTR Returns ?

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watch_later 27/08/17

No you cannot claim. Though logically you can claim.

Refer to provisions, you can refer act for complete wordings. I will give you glimpse of these.

To avail input tax credit, supplier should upload details in return and pay tax.

So, practically the seller has to upload your GSTIN details and then only you can get the input tax credit.

You can call or mail to seller who has sold you goods and provide your GST number to them.

watch_later 22/08/18

Invoice for Products purchased thru flipkart have just seller's name and its shipping address. and it does not contain seller's contact details like : Tel. No., Email Id, Website etc. And when you ask flipkart, they also refuse to provide this details. They are not even asking buyer's gst no. while making purchase. So unethical, unfair and illegal way of doing business.

So How to force Flipkart & their Vendors to print gst no. in invoice, and treat invoice as b2b and upload proper data to gst website ?



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