watch_later 15/12/18

I have been working in a company and PF was deducted from salary.

I have accumulated a good balance in my PF account.

Now I am planning to buy a house and need to take loan against my PF balance.

What are options available to take a loan against PF account?

Whether one can really get a loan against PF account balance?

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watch_later 17/12/18

You cannot avail loan against your PF account but you can withdraw advance.

First, you have to understand that Provident Fund account is to safeguard your retirement life and not fulfill your current life.

Money deposited in your PF account is to be used when you have retired. This is the main intention of launching PF scheme.

You can take advance against balance lying in your PF account for some specified usage.

You can take advance from your PF account for:

  1. Marriage
  2. Education
  3. Home
  4. Medical emergency
  5. calamity
  6. Loss of job

However taking advance is not a straight forward process. You have to prove that you really need the money. As already said, intention of PF is not to entertain your life but to secure your retirement life.

However you can take partial advance in first 3 cases subject to completion of your service for 5-7 years.

So the answer to your question is that you cannot take loan against your PF balance but you can avail advance but subject to conditions.


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