watch_later 26/07/23

A registered composite scheme dealer CMP-08 returns non filed period from 01-04-22 to 31-03-23.if state gst officer notice issued details mentioned below for non filed period

01-04-22 to 30-06-22 quarter turnover rs:7 lacs tax :7000/-

01-07-22 to 30-09-22 quarter turnover rs:7 lacs tax :7000/-

01-09-22 to 31-12-22 quarter turnover rs:7 lacs tax:7000/-

01-01-23 to 31-03-23 quarter turnover rs:7 lacs tax :7000/-

Dealer f.y.21-22 year one quarter highest turnover rs:7 lacs declared in composition returns.


Dealer non filed period cmp-08 return filed declared actual sales turnover or state gst officer notice mentioned turnover show correct procedure.

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