watch_later 31/01/18

If someone is engaged in the supply of both goods and services or composite supply where supply of goods is the principle supply.

Turnover of goods is around 5500000

Turnover of services is around 1500000

Total 70lac

My question is whether such person would be eligible for composition scheme or not and if he is eligible for composition scheme for goods only then how wil the supply of services be taxable.

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watch_later 31/01/18

For registration you have to include your total revenue from goods and services whether sold at a single place or multiple location under same or different brand name.

Composition scheme is applicable only on supply of goods and not on services.

If you are exclusively engaged with supply of goods, you can opt for composition scheme.

However if you make even a single supply of service, you cannot opt for composition scheme.

In the case you mentioned is a composite supply and principle supply is of goods. I think unless you make any supply of services alone, you can opt for composition scheme.

You can opt for composition scheme subject to condition that you should not supply services alone.

You cannot opt for composition scheme if you are supplying services alone.

You have to go for regular levy if you are planning for service component as standalone product.


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