watch_later 08/06/17

What is the rate of tax under GST to be charged by a restaurant or hotel supplying food items and paying tax under composition scheme?

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watch_later 08/06/17

The rate of tax on foods supplied by a restaurant, hotel or a food joint, bakery is 5%.

Tax can be paid under composition levy by any one supplying food items whether its a restaurant, hotel, bakery, mess, canteen, or road side eateries.

Composition scheme can be availed if turnover in a financial year is below 75 lakhs.

watch_later 01/12/17

We have Bakery Shop with partially Restaurant. ( 75% we sell Bakery Item and 25% Restaurant item) Then what is GST rate should mention on bill ? Because Bakery Item is Different like Biscuits, Cakes, Sandwich, Pastry etc, and Restaurant items are different like North Indian Thali, South Indian Thali, Soups, Chawmein, Fried Rice etc. So Basically we run Bakery Shop then how should we manage it after new amendment comes on Restaurants 5% with no ITC.   


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