watch_later 28/04/18

A Person  has Two houses first is in Udaipur and Second is in Chittorgarh.

The Couple along with their minor children stay in Udaipur.
Couple's Married son with his wife live in house at Chittorgarh
One portion of House property at Chittor is given on rent.
My question-
How the Income from House property will be compute? 
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watch_later 30/04/18

Income for house in Udaipur will be computed under the head self occupied property. So if there is any interest on house loan, it can be claimed.

For second house income will be calculated under the head "Income from let out property". You can read full provisions in article calculate Income from house property.

So Chittorgarh property income has to be calculated. For one unit actual rent, and for another unit notional rent has to be calculated.


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