watch_later 16/01/18

I am a transporter and carry goods from loni Gaziabad to various parts of uttar pradesh. My query is that I get materials from my company in very low quantities so I don't dispatch small quantities and the goods are kept in there custody only. I dispatch them only when my vehicle is full loaded for that area of travel. Now my question is:

The product I have to deliver might be 300kms with fresh bills as well as comprising of bills invoiced 5 to 7 days ago but since the quantity was less I did not carry them on the date of invoice. So can I take all materials together from the plant to the customers with single eway bill or is there a restriction .

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watch_later 18/01/18

Very intresting question.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in this approach. You can deliver goods at any time even if invoice is created earlier.

However as a transporter you have to take of E-way bill.

If you are transporting goods for which E-way bill is already created, then you have to transport goods within validity period.

If value of goods you are transporting is below 50,000 and supplier has not created E-way bill and goods are kept at location of supplier then there is not issue of delivering goods after few days of invoicing.


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