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What is the difference between active and operative, inactive and inoperative for pan card?

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watch_later 14/08/23

An active PAN card means a PAN card which was approved and issued and is not canceled or deactivated by the Income Tax department.

If PAN is not linked with Aadhaar, the department will deactivate PAN.

Difference between active and inactive PAN

  1. Active PAN card is active and can be used, inactive PAN card cannot be used for any purpose
  2. Active PAN card can be used to open bank account, transactions and file IT returns, Inactive PAN card becomes uselss.

How to deactivate a PAN?

Sometime you may want to cancela a PAN card due to various reason such as death of pan holder or having multiple PAN cards. You can cancel a pan by applying on NSDL website.

Nonoperating PAN is same as deactivated PAN.

watch_later 18/08/23

Thanks for the info Sir


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