watch_later 16/09/17

Dear Sir, 

I am a small trader and have small godowns in Town-A ( Residence having one room to keep stock ) and Town-B ( Residential house having two rooms ) which are just 10 km apart and registered in Town-A. We are generating Invoice Bills seperately for Town-A (GSA170001 onwards) and for Town-B(GSB170001 onwards) in an accounting software and including them in a single file in Tax Returns. Will there be any problem in GST Return Filing as I learnt that different invoices are not allowed. Suggest me a solution as it is mandatory for us to use different billing to keep track of goods transactions in the two godowns seperately.

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watch_later 16/09/17

Yes you can have separate invoice numbers for both godowns. GST rules allows multiple invoice numbering but the numbering should be continued for each series.

There will be no issues in this case.


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