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i am looking to order something from my amazon business account so that i can get gst rebate...i currently live in delhi and my gst number is of haryana(factory is in haryana) so can i get the order delivered to my home in delhi or should i get it delivered to my factory in haryana?
will there be any problem in claiming gst refund if i use delhi's shipping address?

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watch_later 20/01/22

please tell anyone


watch_later 21/01/22

In GST there is a concept of place of supply. You will get credit at place of supply.

You are registered in other state and receiving delivery in another state, so you will not get GST credit.

To receive GST credit, you need to have shipping address of Haryana, otherwise you will not get credit.

Even on Amazon you cannot have GST of Haryana and shipping address of Delhi.


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