watch_later 01/06/18

Dear Taxpayer, 

GSTN is tentatively planning Disaster Recovery Drill of GST System on Saturday, 02ndJune 2018 between 09:00 to 15:00 Hrs. GST system services will NOT be available during this time.

You are requested to plan your GST related activities on GST portal accordingly. Inconvenience, if any, is regretted. 

Regards, GSTN Team.

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watch_later 01/06/18

As per mail received tomorrow GST server will not be available and complete your GST tasks today itself.

GSTN will have disaster recovery drill tomorrow.

In disaster recovery it will be tested in case servers crash and data is corrupted whether GSTN can recover data from its backups or other sources and whether GSTN servers and GSTN is capable of handling worst situations.


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