watch_later 16/05/18

I want to know that do I need to pay GST for my earnings coming from outside the country. I am planning to launch online advertising firm and all my payments will come in USD from outside.

Do I still need to pay 18% GST?

As I am providing online services n taking commission from these companies which are not going to pay me any kind of taxes?

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watch_later 16/05/18

You will be providing services to foreign clients and in this case, you will be making Zero Rated Supplies.

Though you do not have to pay GST but as per provisions contained in GST law, you will have 2 options:

  • Pay IGST at 18% and claim refund of GST, or
  • Furnish Letter of undertaking and make export supplies without paying GST.

In my opinion, you should furnish a letter of undertaking so that you can make zero rate supplies or exports without any GST liability.


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