watch_later 12/03/18

As you are very well aware of the fact that last date to file income tax is very near.

Today and this week I will answer your all queries on income tax act.

If you have any question, ask your question on site. I will personally answer all your doubts and bring other experts on platform to answer them.

Even if you do not have any doubt, please whatever you know share with us so that others searching for it can be helped.

This week will be dedicated to income tax queries.

Make a start today. If each of you ask a question, we will have a big online library of helpful information for others.

When you ask a question:

  1. Ask separate question. Do not type your question in answer boxes.
  2. Provide full details on your doubt, do not leave anything on estimates

Thank you

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watch_later 12/03/18

Do not leave site without asking atleast one doubt.

Did you ever found a solution online?

It was possible because someone asked it online.

Make an effort and ask a question.


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