watch_later 13/06/18

One of my client in Bangalore sends material to job workers for processing. Job workers are small weavers who stitch cloths and send back.

Material value is around 20,000 but today a GST vehicle stopped the consignment and asked to show E-way Bill.

We argued that E-way bill required only for distance more than 10 Kms. and value should be more than Rs. 50,000.

But GST inspector said in case of job workers limit is Rs. 1000 only.

I have not read anywhere about Rs. 1000 limit. Is he right?

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watch_later 13/06/18

There is no monetary limit on interstate job works.

If you are sending goods out of state, then you have to compulsory generate E-way bill regardless of invoice value.

But for local intra-state limit is Rs. 50,000 even for job works.

I have no idea how the officer said Rs. 1,000.

As per me he tried to harass. I could be wrong, but if any other learned member can share his opinion, that would be great.

watch_later 13/06/18

Threshold limit of Rs. 50,000 doesn’t apply in this case, hence even if the value of goods sent to job worker is less than Rs. 50,000, the principal has to generate the e-way bill.


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