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Suppose, if we are having retail Van Sales ( Door to door of shops); i.e. taking orders and instantly providing the goods from Van and providing manual bill. 

Now the doubt is , If Van sale billing values of each shops are not exceeding the value of Rs. 50,000; 

Is there E way bill required?

Since the value of goods loaded in Van will be more than 50,000 (apprx 1 -1.50 Lakh); How can we disclose the documents, if the GST Officers asked in transit time on road?

We are maintaining Van Stock Register.

Is it required to take E Way bills in such cases while uploading goods in Van?


Hope to get an apt answer in this regard as soon.




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watch_later 24/04/18

You need to prepare a delivery challan for sale using your van. This is called line sales.

With this delivery challan you can prepare E-way bill and issue invoices whenever you make a sale. Keep you stock register with van updated for each sale.


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