watch_later 15/06/18

Dear All,

If a person resides in Maharashtra who supply material with several Delivery Challan during a month & value of which stands  below threshold amount of Rs 50,000 of each Delivery Challan in that month ,, but he make single Invoice of that supply at the end of the month with amounts of Rs 50,000 & above ( say 1,50,000.00), So My question is whether e way bill is required or not 

( Limit of e way bill in Maharashtra is Rs 50,000/-)

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watch_later 15/06/18

Dear Sir,

First you need to create invoice as and when goods are delivered. Please check invoice rules. You cannot send goods with delivery challan except in 2 below situations:

  1. Transferring to own branch within state
  2. Delivering items mentioned in proviso list (example liquid gas)

So you need to create invoice at the time of delivery time.

Second, Eway bill is for consignment. So you need not to prepare E-way bill at time of creating invoice.


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