watch_later 17/09/17

How to generate way bill for goods which are to be sent through multiple vehicles?

As of now the format which I checked, it asks for only a single vehicle. How do we show details of different vehicles in E-way bill?

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watch_later 15/06/18

As per E-way bill rules, in case of multiple vehicle for single invoice, for each vehicle a delivery challan should be made referring to original invoice.

Each vehicle should carry goods along with delivery challan and copy of invoice and last vehicle should carry original invoice copy.

So you need to make E-way bill for each vehicle with delivery challan and last vehicle with invoice.

watch_later 15/12/21

Respected Sharma Ji, 

This is Muhammad Javed from SRD Logistics, I wanted a bit clarification regarding multiple vehicles for single ewaybill, Sir my question is should all the vehicles movement to be done at the same time, once we generate the ewaybill and split the quantity into multiples vehicles. 



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