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What is the easiest method to check PF balance?

What are the prerequisites to check PF balance online or do we have to go through offline hassles?

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watch_later 17/12/18

There are different methods to check your PF balance. However the first requirement to get all services online and at finger touch you need to have UAN activated.

Without having Universal Account Number (UAN) enabled and linking of Aadhaar, PAN etc. it could be really irritating.

Out of all methods suggested in above linked answer, my favorite is verifying PF balance through SMS. As you can check your PF balance any time and anywhere, even without internet. To check PF balance through SMS, you do not require even internet.

How to check PF through SMS?

Procedure to check PF balance through SMS is:

  1. Generate and seed your UAN with your EPFO account.
  2. Create message "EPFOHO UAN eng", here UAN is your own UAN and eng is language preference.
  3. Send the message to 7738299899.

In the message you typed, UAN is your Universal Account Number.

eng is the language of you preference. You can type any language to get message in typed language.

You can get your PF balance and details in following languages:

  • English: ENG
  • Hindi: HIN
  • Malayalam: MAL
  • Telugu: TEL
  • Panjabi: PUN
  • Gujarati: GUJ
  • Marathi: MAR
  • Kannada: KAN
  • Tamil: TAM
  • Bengali: BEN

I find this the best method to check your PF balance.

Even checking PF balance through missed call is also very easy. You can check your PF balance by just giving a missed call to 011-22901406. But you should have your mobile number linked with UAN and your EPFO account.


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