watch_later 11/06/18

I am Kavish Shah as the founder of Sudha Rayon Work is telling you to please remove my GST number from your website and google as it is harmful for us as it can be used by another person for a harmful purpose.

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watch_later 12/06/18

I know site moderators and can request hiding of your GST number.

But first can you tell any 3 ways one can use your GST number for harmful purpose?

Any how these GST numbers are already available on Maharashtra Vat website with your email id and mobile number.

At least on this site email and mobile number are not published. Anyone can easily find your GST number by downloading file from Maharashtra website and he can get your mobile number, email ID and everything.

All states have published list of tax payers on their Vat website, you can check there.

Second GST numbers are already available on public domain. This website is helping people to find GST number to avoid wrong input credit in GST returns.

GST numbers are displayed only for information.

I have seen many people sending similar requests to remove GST numbers. But they are not able to answer below question:

  1. How can someone misuse a GST number?
  2. How will your remove your GST number from government website.
  3. Why you want to hide your GST number?

Most of people requesting are running online business with faulty products and want to hide details so that buyers cannot find them.

You must be a genuine person but can you help us understand how it can be misused?

watch_later 14/09/18

Hi please remove the details of our company with gstn 29ADZPR5543D1ZV and pan number from your database asap without our knowledge you published our security details like pan number on your website. We don't want to share any details on your site. please do the needful.



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