watch_later 11/01/18

I am continuously getting this error

"Error! Summary for Filing is not Generated or is not available at this time. Please try again later"

Any solution for this error, as it seems to be a server processing error. What GSTN is doing?

Life of consultants is made hell with every return taking more than 30 minutes to process.

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watch_later 11/01/18

This error comes after once you have submitted your return.

After return is submitted, GST servers has to process the details and save in database tables.

As GSTN network is not properly configured (server capacity not able to handle traffic), processing is taking time.

Tax payers are forced to wait from 10 minutes to 1 day.

You have to wait for sometime before data is processed, this error will go away once data is processed.

You can also try to refresh page to delete cache and cookies and login again.


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