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Actually in my case govt. is itself involved, an order has been issued from Delhi, Payment is to be done in Delhi i.e. Paying Authority is in Delhi but the material is to be delivered at Lucknow at their depot.

and when I checked the E-Way Bill Site, the option for GST TIn is given for 'Bill To' and shipping address can be modified. So, i am in a dilemma, which GST Tin should be used, The Paying Authority i.e. Delhi (07) and change the Address or GST Tin for the Shipping Authority (09).

Please help.

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watch_later 03/04/18

GST is charged on supply.

You need to charge GST based on location of recipient.

Since you are supplying goods out of your state, you need to charge IGST.

You should specify GSTIN of state where you are sending goods.


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