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E wyabill offline tool is not working in Windows 7 & Windows XP but it working in windows 10 system. While entering data in excel file we are getting error message compail error in sheet 3  . How to solve this.




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                                      Errors of Bulk tool

Common errors occur while using bulk tool is "Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3" and date format incorrect , enter the date dd/mm/yyyy format.

Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3

This error normally happens if you are using a Windows 2007 system and MS Office 2007 system. This is related to VB module in the Excel macro enabled files. The VBA causing the issue.  I have corrected the issue and provided the files that will run on Windows 2007 and MS office 2007 system. You can download these Five files from my Google Drive from the below link.

Link for Corrected E Way Bill Bulk Tool files

Date format in DD/MM/YYYY format

To resolve this issue please goto Control Panel > Regional and Language > Regional and Language settings > Date > Change the date format to English United Kingdom ( It may be either English (India) or English (UK ) in your system)

Then click Apply and then OK. The help files provided in the above link.

Macro Error.

Please enable all Macros in your excel. To do that Click Microsoft Office Button ( Left Top Round button) > Excel Option > Trust Centre > Trust Centre settings > Macro Settings > Enable all Macros (not recommended) . Click OK.

The help files provided in the above link.

You can also watch my video in the below link.

GST Eway bill Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3 and date format error solved help video -Watch

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