watch_later 17/03/18

Dear Sir / Madam

As I want to know that in service tax return I avail 10 lakhs exemption limit. and file a Nil return. My turnover was upto Rs. 10 lakhs.

Now , after Gst introduced May  I must have to generate Invoice from 101 Rs. Sales / services with gst taxes.

In gst return, May I take exemption limit like service tax. 

Means of my 10 lakhs turnover I must collect 18% gst taxes. means 1,80,000/- taxes. and pay it to gst department.


Please help 

Thanks & Regards

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watch_later 17/03/18

Under GST rules are different. There is exemption to obtain GST registration but not exemption from payment of tax once you take registration.

So if you take GST registration then you will have to charge GST regardless of your turnover post registration.


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