watch_later 31/05/18

We have exported the material without payment of GST under LUT so kindly tell what is difference between Taxable amount and total invoice value

and invoice value is 500000.00

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watch_later 08/06/18

In our case, we indicated the same to our supplier for not to charge us GST, as the materials shipment was meant for Export, but they charged us GST. How to claim refund is becoming struggle for us. The concerned GST authority saying that refund to be claimed from Customs department - there is no logic, as we paid GST to a supplier, then how come Custom department will refund to us? - please clarify. I raised this query in this site around 7 days ago (subject ITC Refund), but not yet received any response until this date.


watch_later 01/06/18

May I take the opportunity to inform you that export under LUT attract no GST. Export is tax free so there will be no taxable amount in the invoice...



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