watch_later 23/11/17

Dear Sir,

In  the aftermath of  23rd  GST council meeting held recently,  the filing dates for the following  GST returns are unclear.  Will you kindly clarify them ?

For a  Regular GST dealer with Turnover below 1.5 Crores :

1.  Can we file GSTR 2 for  July  now ( ie before  30th Nov 17 ) or should wait for further instructions from GST council ? Because, we have already submitted the return but not yet filed the same.

2. Can we  file  GSTR 1  for  Aug 17 from  1st Dec or should  wait for  further instruction ?

3. Is filing of Qtrly. Return  applicable to Q2 also ( July to Sep ) ? If so, what is the fate of July return ( GSTR 1 and 2 ) already  filed ?

Please clarify.

Thank you.



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watch_later 24/11/17

Hi Sir,

You can refer to this question (GST returns after council meeting.)

Initially quarterly return was from second quarter, now they have given dates for even first quarter.

Need to wait and watch how the portal handles it.


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