watch_later 26/10/17

We are Excise registered company and we were procure material outside the State (Interstate Purchases) against C-Form and were paying Entry Tax on the same. We are carrying Stocks as of 30.06.17 and we need to Claim the Entry Tax portion. 

Similarly under Local Purchases, Entry Tax was charged on the Invoice. We need to Claim the same. 

Kindly guide us as where the details are to be fed in Tran-1 (online) e.g. 5c/ 7c / 7d ?

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watch_later 27/10/17

As per me you will not get input credit of Entry tax and CST.

Did you get input of entry tax under earlier laws? If no, then even now you will not get the input credit of this amount.

This is my opinion lets wait for some expert opinion.


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