watch_later 09/09/17

Those who missed to migrate to composition scheme are again given a chance. The facility to chose composition scheme after migration will be open till 20th September.

Once again government took U turn due to bad website and technical errors.

Should we support government (at least GST got implemented) or revolt for tension given to tax payers for its faults?

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watch_later 09/09/17

Still many U turns to come. Not surprising that this was done.

watch_later 09/09/17

Government is making fun of all of us.

We thought Modi is working 24 hours, but he is making us to work 24 hours.

Funny government, but atleast it is working.

watch_later 10/09/17

#GSTsathi Update: Composition Scheme can still be opted till September 30, 2017:

A registered person (whether migrated or new registrant), who could not opt for composition scheme, shall be given the option to avail composition till 30th September 2017 and such registered person shall be permitted to avail the benefit of composition scheme with effect from 1st October, 2017.

That means for the three months from 1st July onwards, they would be treated as Regular Taxpayers and they need to charge GST at applicable rate and also eligible for ITC.


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