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Hi there,

My Company's location is Chandigarh. I am purchasing goods from Mumbai. If i send a goods return to Mumbai, Can i charge Freight(exp. incurred in return exp) in Invoice as follows:

Taxable value for Goods: 1000/-

IGST (18% on 1000/-) : 180/-

Add: Freight: 118/-

Total Value: 1298/-

Note : Freight and forwading agent will charge me for this 100/- plus 18% Gst  and will issue me a tax invoce.

Also tell me in which section of CGST Act my point is falling.

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your invoice should be  as follows


Goods value Rs.1000

Freight           Rs.118


igst               Rs.201(Rs1000+Rs.118= 1118*18%)



 total invoice value Rs1319




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