watch_later 22/01/21


A person some amount deposit in bank account.a person this amount used for different customers online mode payment through on Google pay and phone pay and payteam and other upi payments.if a person amount transferred  customers after service charges received from customers.


A person services charges received from gst registered applied compulsory and I.t return filed compulsory

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watch_later 22/01/21


Your 1st question is not clear to me. Let express what I have understood regarding 2nd question.

From your last question: It is mandatory to file ITR if gross total income of an assessee, be it an individual, a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), an Association of Persons (AOP) or a Body of Individuals (BOI), exceeds the maximum exemption limit. Gross total income is all income without considering exemption and deductions.



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