watch_later 07/07/18

We are going to shift our Tata 407 vehicle from our Tamilnadu branch to our Maharashtra branch. No sale involved.

What document we need to prepare and carry for GST Purposes ?
(like DC, WAYBILL etc.). Do we have to mention its value ? if so, its present book value after depreciation ?

Need to Charge GST ?

Please give a solution for Statutory compliances (GST)


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watch_later 07/07/18

You need to charge GST on this transaction and shift vehicle with invoice.

Your branches are in different states under different GST registration, so for GST these are 2 different person and hence GST is to be charges.

Shift with invoice and Eway bill.

For valuation suggest you to read below articles:

Valuation under GST

Valuation when not possible under section 15


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