watch_later 26/07/17

Hi, I have a 3 question.

1. Do the Tax inspector come to our premises for any verification ( as they do in Issuing TIN)..?

2. After registering GST. if my business performs under the Limitation 20Lakhs . do i still need to pay GST to Govt..? Please Help.

3. After applying for GST application how long will it take to issue GST number.?

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watch_later 26/07/17

1. Physical inspection is not mandatory. Only in exceptional cases, inspection may be made. Inspector needs to upload the inspection report with remarks.

2. Once registered GST needs to be charged even if turnover is below 20 lakhs.

3. As per rules it should take 3 days, your provisional number will become your final number.

The latest application that I applied for one of client, it took around 7 working days before final registration was given.

No inspection was conducted.

Rules say 3 working days, but may be due to initial phase, it is taking longer time.


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