watch_later 26/02/18

Happy to inform that after many people demanded an invoice format with Logo.

I have designed invoice with Logo printing option.

To add logo you need to attach logo image in "YOUR COMPANY" form.

These changes are not yet active on software and will be made active by today evening.

Here is the format of GST bill with logo in pdf.

You can download it and give your suggestions.

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watch_later 26/02/18

I have been using this billing software for a long time and love every changes you make. The new design of billing software is amazing and catchy.

Love the invoice design with logo.

Please bring the option to directly print invoice at time of creating invoice itself. Why don't you give a button where once invoice is loaded it automatically shows printing option.

watch_later 26/02/18

Wow its looking good.

Thank you for listening to us and making changes as required. It is truly a community project where every suggestion is taken care.

Now I think rounding off is remaining.


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