watch_later 30/05/18

Hi Pulkit, 

I recently filed for a new GST registration. The thing is I am going to start selling products on e commerce sites. For now, I am not into any business and I don't have any place for business either. I work in a private company and thinking of selling products online as part time. For this I filed for GST with place of business as my rental residential address currently where I am living. I got reply from GST officer asking clarification regarding 

1. Rent agreement is for residential purposes.

2. Proof of pricipal place of business not attached.


Can you please help in that and what should I reply to them.

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watch_later 31/05/18

Rent agreement attached by you must be for residential purpose.

You should make another agreement with land lord with purpose of doing business and submit this rent agreement, this will be proof as place of business.

Along with this attach:

  • Electricity bill
  • NOC from owner

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