watch_later 20/01/18

We are very much happy to hear that the gst council and the finance ministry are implementing e-way bill for inter-state / intra-state way bill with effect from 01.02.2018.

In the proposed e-way bill there is only option for registered consignor and consignee only.

But when a consignor send the goods to open market for sell / delivery without mentioning consignee name, how they will generate e-way bill, because delivery van / truck contains goods valued more than 50000/- and the delivery man / sales man collect order from the open market (retail shop) and there they issue challan / invoice of the said goods.

As they do no the requirement of the every retail shop of the goods they contain.

There is very much possibility of pilferage of gst, because whenever the gst official / flying squad raid and check the document the vehicle driver / sales man take a plea of the said matter.

It must be resolved before implementing the e-way bill.

Thousand of trucks are plying without gst invoices in the road after 1st july, 2017 (99% of the traders / manufacturer are taking advantage of without way bill and 1% genuine traders are sufferer and out of market due to gst payment and maintaining government regulation). 

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