watch_later 23/10/18

Respected Sir, 

I am applying for GST registration on the GST website.I am getting an error that says - 'PAN and Legal Name is not matching with CBDT database. Please submit PAN and Legal Name after validating with CBDT database'. I  was watching the youtube video dated 14 oct. 2017 & after watching I visited this website, I didnt see the link described in the video on the webpage. Please help me  as I want to get GSTIN number for starting a business.

Thank you, 

Saisantosh Vakil


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watch_later 26/10/18

GST registration with GST website also possible for all candidates. The database validating and submitting methods are available in online. The penalties of GST. The business information and billing related aspects are available in online. The GST plans and CBDT database to be discussed with that website. You can click and getting ideas from that. Youtube is given help and assistance for the resistors. Quality works and date extended explanation is possible for all with online


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