watch_later 01/07/17

while registering PAN and LEGAL name are not matching with CBDT database.

its a error how to solve this problem

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watch_later 01/07/17

This is normal and happens a lot of time.

If your PAN and legal name is not matching it could be because name printed on PAN is not same as name provided in application.

In pan application we have to provide name of applicant and name to be printed on PAN.

Many time applicants give different name for PAN printing and different name for card holder.

To know the correct legal name, either login to your income tax account and verify your pan by visiting to Know you pan section.

Alternatively you can go to e-pay tax link on Income tax site, select form 280 for tax payment.

Provide PAN and other details, it will take you to confirmation page.

Copy legal name from there and fill it in GST registration form.

Check this video for practical solution.

watch_later 31/08/18

To solve the error in PAN and Legal Name the applicant should look at the name mentioned in the PAN. The name which is mentioned in legal name should be same as pan card. if there is any slight difference between both the result will be invalid. There must be no mis-matching name placement. Avoid such mistakes which might cause problems in future. Even sometimes spacing also creates problems.

To check your pan details, google search on know your pan.-where a page will be mentioned where you have to enter your pan details, the details displayed will be shown as per CBDT database which you can use for your legal name to avoid mistakes.

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