watch_later 15/01/18

I have a small mechanical shop earn monthly 15000 around so do i need compulsorly remove the gst number,because some people are forcing us to have gst number.

1.If i remove gst number i have to do compulsory filling because filling gst ca takes monthly minimum 2000 rs

2.If I wont remove does it will create problem for me.

3.Do I have to pay tax after having gst number?

Please guide me.      

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watch_later 15/01/18

What is meaning of remove? Are you referring to GST registration. I will answer considering that you do not have GST registration yet.

I you do not have GST registration yet, then you can register under GST. However if you are earning only 15,000 then it is suggested that you do not register.

Once registered you have to compulsory file GST return.

Yes you have to charge GST on tax invoice and pay to government.


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