watch_later 13/09/17

Hello, I'm just starting out in this field and am confused with the application process.

Should the field 'reason for registration' (in the business details screen) be ecommerce, or should I use 'others' and say it is advertising commission?

What is the rate of GST applicable for advertising commission income earned by me through my blog? Is it considered to be within the state or interstate? The company that I advertise for sells products all over India.

And do I need to recover GST even if my total income is very small and much below the 10 Lakh limit?

I also have a home tuition business which is very small income wise. Will I need to include this while filing a GST return?

I appreciate any guidance on this matter.

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watch_later 14/09/17

You need not to select E-commerce as option since your not E-commerce operator here.

Rate of tax will be 18%. Yes, you require GST registration to do business through online portals.

Yes you also need to include your home business.


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