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I am in hotel and restaurant business. There are 3 outlets in my hotel property operating under same licence. 2 of the outlets are Air Conditioned but 1 of the outlet is Non A/c. Kitchen are separate for  A/c and Non A/c section. Normally 12% is for Non A/c and 18% for AC restaurant. As it was previously pronounced

"As per the entry 19 of exemption notification 25/2012 dated 20-06-2012 amended by notification no 3/2013-ST dated 01-03-2013, services provided in relation to serving of food or beverage by a restaurant other  than those who have the facility of air-conditioned or central air heating in any part of establishment, at any time during the year."


In this case what should be the GST charges for Non A/c outlet??

Thank U..

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