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Dear Sir/Madam

I am a Transporter. I have three trucks. whether i have to register GST or not. If i am register under GST what will be the GST Percentage.

What is the procedure to file GST return for Transporter?

What is Differences between GTA and Transporter?

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watch_later 01/02/18

Transporters are exempted from GST. You do not have to take GST registration neither you need to charge GST on transporter charges.

GTA is one who provide transportation services and issues consignment note. Example of GTA are courier companie or transport companies such as VRL, SRS, TCI etc.

You own the truck and you are a transporter so, you are not liable to pay GST. Transportation of goods by a transporter is exempt from GST.

Main difference between a transporter and GTA are:

  • GTA does may not own transport vehicle
  • Transporter owns the vehicle
  • GTA issue consignment note (builty)
  • Transporters normally issue invoice

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