watch_later 25/06/18

1 ) Is gst number handwritten is allowed in invoice ? 

2) Reverse charge mechanism applicable from 1.07.18

( ola car taken for transport of passenger  whether ITC allowed ? 

ola car used for transportation of staff for marketing purpose - whether ITC is allowed ? 

3) GST number sign board attached at reception inside office is allowed or has to be outside premise ? 

4) Not taken ITC credit of import in the month of april and may 18 , whether same ITC can be taken in june 18 or need to wait for annual return ? 

5) If vendors not uploading return on time , can we claim ITC it in that particular month since we have received the invoice though cannot be seen in gst portal ? 

6) If anything related to staff welfare like evening snacks , whether we need to levy gst on reverse charge basis ? if yes then at what rate ? 




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watch_later 25/06/18

hand written gst no is allowed... RCM tax is 18% on transport applicable for ITC... paste your gst certificate inside your office but put your signboard out of gate... reimbursement expenses is still not clear from gst council...


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