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Sir, My client is providing food & beverages along with accommodation in hotels & guest house, than how to deal about same in gst regime 

How should gst be charged, as per room rent on accomodation & food as tariff consist of both the charges (inclusive)

Kindly help

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I would like to  join your querry and expand it in terms of  " Status " of the tax payer, viz Regular or Composition ?

What will be the case if the  Tax payer is  under " Regular " stream  and on the other hand, if he is under the " Composition " scheme.

Further, if the tax payer is runnig a Hotel / Restaurant and in addition to that, a place of Accomodation, all under one GST registration, can he opt for Composition, since providing accomodation is a  supply  of  " Service ".

Can anybody  clarify this ?


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