watch_later 03/03/18

if a person is having a business where his turnover is above 1 crore and he has one property where he receive rent of Rs 10 lac p.a. in the same city. does he liable to pay GST @ 18% on rent where as clause says value of all such services should be more than 20 lac otherwise it is exempted from GST

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watch_later 03/03/18

There is no clause which says each service should have value more than 20 lakhs.

The person should charge GST on rent received on commercial property under same GST registration.

Rate of tax will be 18%.

watch_later 03/03/18

You have to charge GST @18% on rent received for commercial property. For purpose of GST all taxable supplies has to be included and tax is applicable based on nature of supply.

In your case if rent was received in different state, then you could have escaped tax but in this case tax is to be charged and paid.


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